About Us

Who We Are

“MSC Investments” comprises a group just short of 10 investors, who carefully selected each other in order to ensure that we shared similar views on investments – steady wealth accumulation and growth via a long-term asset accumulation programme. Our approach is therefore one that is preferred and understood by every investor and this makes our decisions towards investing somewhat easier.

Every investor has a specific commitment value and drawdowns of this commitment is made on a monthly basis as some of our re-investments are made on a monthly basis. For this reason we have opted to keep the number of investors small so as to ensure that only committed investors are part of our investment group and share the long-term perspective.

Apart from investor capital, each investor brings to the table a considerable amount of knowledge acquired from different backgrounds. This enhances the knowledge base as a collective pool of investors, which is extremely important as each investor is actually involved in the key decision making process for the large transactions in line with our Corporate Governance structures.

For the relatively smaller transactions and general performance tracking of our investments, we have an elected Investment Committee that deals with the day to day and monthly investment activities and research. The Investment Committee is empowered to make certain decisions that are in line with our investment objectives and ultimately report to all investors on a monthly basis on all aspects including performance.

Our policy as a collective group of investors, is to allow every investor to have an equal shareholding so as to avoid any individual investor dominance and our tried and tested distribution formula allows for fair compensation for investors with larger drawndown commitments.

Current Investment Committee


As one of the Investment Committee members, my role is to ensure that the general objectives of “MSC Investments” are met. This includes assessing monthly returns on all investments and ensuring our Portfolio is balanced according to agreed weights.

As a chartered accountant in Finance, I have a strong background in Listed Property Companies which is important to our investor group given Real Estate assets are normally the largest investment positions we have in our overall Portfolio and tend to be the least liquid.


My role as a Committee member given my background also as a chartered accountant is to ensure the group’s compliance with applicable tax regulations, corporate governance and accounting standards.

As I have a strong accounting, auditing and taxation background I am responsible for considering all the compliance risks to each prospective investment and ensuring our decison making is conservative.

I also am mandated to ensure that our investments are done using the most efficient tax structures or vehicles.


As an Investment Committee member my role is to conduct and assess new investments which include meeting potential sellers of Real Estate Assets we are looking to acquire and evaluating all the facts.

Risk consideration of all investments is one of my key responsibilities and I am tasked with finding shortcomings with any deal that is proposed whilst maintaining a reasonable degree of independence.

I am tasked in ensuring Corporate Governance rules as agreed upon by all investors are followed when reviewing or presenting any prospective investment deals to investors for approval.